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Posted on August 10, 2013 at 3:45 AM

We are excited to announce that articles in two Danish newspapers about Karina Hansen have been published today! :D

One is a local newspaper (Dagbladet Holstebro-Struer), the other is a national newspaper (Berlingske Tidene).

We are excited that progress is being made in sharing Karina's story. We believe that these efforts will be beneficial in releasing Karina. We thank each of you for what you have done to help Karina and we ask that you continue your efforts until Karina is free!

Below are links and translations.

They took our daughter

This is a closed article, you need a subscription to be able to read it. Due to copyright issues, the Hansen Family can not share the text with us. But Karina's sister-in-law, says it's very good and spread over 4 pages.

The text below the picture on the newspapers "more stories"-section reads:

They have not seen their adult daughter for almost 6 months, after she was committed to Hammel Neurocenter. Against the parents wishes. Against her own wishes. Not even her lawyer can get an explanation.

Parents denied accss to visit sick daughter: "Mum, how can I get out of here?"

Below the pictures:

The doctors are refusing to let Per and Ketty see their sick daughter K, who is committed at Hammel Neurocentre.

A tragedy is unfolding right now in Mid-Jutland. A conflict between a family and the government. And with the victim - the very sick 24 year old girl K - in the middle.

In february, five officers arrived and removed the 24-year old girl K from the family's home in Holstebro, and sectioned her against her will at Hammel Neurocentre. The government thought that the family, who was hired to take care of K who suffers from fatigue syndrome, were instead mistreating her and that her life was in danger. While the charges of mistreatment have been dropped, they have for half a year denied the parents access to their daughter.

 - It's been a nightmare.

Per Hansen's eyes gets watery. And as he looks up on the wall with the family photo, where the daughter K is standing smiling with the rest of the family, the tears starts running down the face of the 59 year old man.

He hasn't seen his daughter for half a year, and he and the wife Ketty are close to becoming desperate. They don't have much trust for the government and fears for their daughters life. Because of this, they are here giving their version of the conflict that has shattered the familys life.


It started when K was 16, she first contracted monoucleosis, then several other infections and started to feel very tired and were hardly able to manage anything. The following years she was sent between the different health authorities that could not find the right treatment. All the while, her condition was deteriorating, says Ks mother, Ketty Hansen.

It was believed that K suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, and the doctors tried excersise and rehabilitation.

- It was abuse. She became so sick after this that she ended up completely bedbound, says the mother who because of this was hired by Holstebro Municipality to take care of K.

K was so sick that the family had to sleep in a caravan in their yard, because even the tiniest noise and smell was very painful to the young woman, who laid inside the house.

- In the following years, she gradually worsened. Sometimes she did not have enough energy to chew, and I had to feed her and wash her in bed.But this autumn we started to notice a slight improvement. She could tolerate a bit more light, she could talk alittle bit more, says Ketty Hansen.

The mother tells that the authorities several times tried to get K into a hospital, but every time K refused.

On february 12th this year, the authorities then turned to harsher measures.

- Suddenly there's five officers who are holding me back while two doctors are taking K. I was completely shocked and shaken up all over my body, she says.


Even K, that shortly after was driven away, seemed to panic. The bedbound girl was so sick that she, according to the family, has not been able to do phoncalls for many years. But according to a statement, that BT have gained access to, she made a total of 45 calls from the moment the doctors arrived and the following day.

- The day after she called me and managed to say "Mum, how can I get out of here?". Since then I have not heard her voice, says Ketty Hansen.

12 minutes later, K made her last call from the cell phone, whos charger she did not get to take with her when the doctors took her. Therefor, it is probably out of power. The call lasted 43 seconds and was to the police at 114.

Ks parents, that may never find out what the doctors believe is wrong with K, just hopes that someone will intervene.

- It is a despair so undescribeable. I'm afraid she will not survive this, and my biggest fear is that she lies out there and thinks that we agreed to the removal.

Hammel Neurocentre refuses to let BT talk with the locked up patient, K. Since it has not been possible to talk to her, BT has decided to withhold her identity.

24-year old patient: You are killing me

Below the picture:
On recordings that BT have access to, the head doctor at Hammel says that K is involunteerly committed. The region denies this flat out.

In the tragic conflict regarding a very sick 24-year-old girl, K, the parents have been told that their daughter is incarcerated. But the Region's head of legal affairs rejects this. The parents have not been allowed to see their daughter for half a year.

K also believe that doctors at Hammel Neurocenter are killing her. Atleast that's what the chief physician at Hammel Neurocenter said to Ks parents at a meeting on may 31st.

BT is in possession of a recording of the meeting where senior consultant Jens Gyring is trying to explain to the family that K, who find it very difficult to speak, is now able to speak in full sentences. Here he pulls up the following example for the family.

- She can and have always said 'You are killing me'. That is a complete sentence. End of story, says the doctor, to which the girl's father Per Hansen asks:

- Why can not she be allowed to decide whether she wants to be here, Jens?

- We haven't asked her that, says the doctor, and gives a reason why the girl has not been asked:

- Because she's committed. Incarcerated.

These statements are, however, flatly rejected by Poul Carstensen, head of Region Mid-Jutland's legal office.

- I can confirm that the patient is staying voluntarily there. (On Hammel Neuro Center, ed.). She is not incarcerated. Whatever Jens Gyring might have said, we do not have someone who is there against their will, he says and will not answer any further questions on the matter.

Nor chief consultant Jens Gyring is very talkative when BT call him.

- Unfortunately, I have no time for you. I have patients, he says, before hanging up.


Neither Medical Director Claus Thomsen from Aarhus University Hospital, where the doctors who treat K belongs, wants to comment on the recordings of the meeting.

- This can and may I not speak about, for the sake of this young woman. What I can say is that this is a very unfortunate case, he says.

What do you think about the fact that she has said to your doctors that "you are killing me"?

- I can not comment on that.

BT has also tried to get a comment from Health Minister Astrid Krag to this case. But she doesn't have any comments either.

Why 24-year old K was removed from her parents

Below Picture:
K was 16 years when she was struck by this violent illness.

It was a prolonged fear that K would die due to neglect in the home, if they did not intervene, that made the ministry of health show up with five officers and remove the girl against her will.

This explains several people in the health services who are familiar with the process, to BT. None of them however, wishes to come forward with the name, since they are not allowed to speak about the specific individual case. But BTs sources consistenly describes the whole situation as very difficult and tragic. But they are convinced that the decision to remove K was the only right one.

Before she was removed, K had said that she did not want to be hospitalised. Therefore, it would normally be against the rules to do it anyway becuase is 24 years and of age. So it was on the basis of the Penal Code Section 14 - the so-called state of necessity - that they took her, the sources confirms.

The state of nescessity is a clause that makes an otherwise criminal act legal, when it's nescessary to prevent imminient harm to a person.

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