Daughter stolen two years ago

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 9:25 AM

On feb 27, 2015, another article was posted in EkstraBladet about Karina. Here is the translation.

Original Article:

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Their daughter was stolen two years ago: Help us, minister

What do you do when the system takes your daughter? Karina Hansen's parents are about to lose hope, and are asking minister Nick Hækkerup for help.

By. Thomas Harder

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byline: Per and Ketty are now fighting for the third year in a row to get their daughter released.

Two year ago - on 12.2.13 - a young woman, Karina Hansen, was forcefully committed to Hammel Neurocenter.

Karina suffers from a fatigue-syndrome, called ME. Karina was in her bed, when 5 police officers and 2 doctors came to pick her up.

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She was not insane, nor endangering herself or others, and the red or yellow papers needed for an incarceration, is missing.

No one can help - and the psychiatrists prohibits visitors.

This is how Bente Stenfalk starts a letter to Nationen!* about Karina Hansen, that has now been incarcerated for 14 and a half months. Bente is writing on behalf of Karina's parents, that have lost faith they will ever see their daughter again. Their lawyer has asked the minister of health, Nick Hækkerup, for help, and Bente is hoping her letter will help get the minister's attention. The letter continues:
(*Note from translator: Nationen is a part of the newspaper where readers get their letters published, among other things).

- No one can help Karina, because no one is allowed to speak to her about a power of attorney. The psychiatrists are prohibiting visitors. Where are Karina's legal rights?

Karina has been given a legal guardian, a retired police officer, who is not looking out for Karina's interests, but states that he trusts the psychiatrists...

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Everyone is covering each other's backs
The District Court have upheld a sentencing to keep the guardian, even though the ruling is full of contradictions, and the guardian wasn't even called as a witness, despite the family's lawyer having explicitly asked for this.

Denmark is a small country, where all the higher-ups knows each other, where judges, doctors Regional Chiefs and psychiatrists are friends outside of work.

Ministry officials and members of the Tryg Foundation do ALL have interests in this case, as it involves prestige and huge amounts of money.

Karina has become a pawn
Karina has become a pawn in this game, but the "attempt" failed. Karina has not gotten better, quite the opposite in fact. She has been moved to a home facility for the brain damaged, where she is still not allowed visitors.

Lawyer Jakob Skjoldan, who has been involved in this case for some time, wrote to the health Committee in July, but has not received a reply. Now he has written the minister, Nick Hækkeerup, personally. He can interfere in the case if he wants to.

That is something the family and many others are hoping he will do. It is apparently the only way to get this deadlocked and distressing case to end, writes Bente Stenfalk.

What do you think? Will Nick Hækkerup interfere?

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