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Karina Hansen was born in Denmark in November 1988, to parents Per & Ketty Hansen. She was a very longed for and sought after laggard who benefited greatly from her much older siblings tender loving care.

To her parents great concern, Karina was prone to infections. Already at 3 months old, she had her first infection with high fevers and antibiotic treatment. Aside from the infections that seemed to follow her through her childhood, she appeared to be a happy and healthy little girl.

Karina's nature is rather quiet and calm, and she has always adapted easily to new surroundings and people.

When she was a kid, she loved to play, especially with her friends but she was also good at coming up with things to occupy herself when she was alone. Her mother worked as a childminder, so there was always other kids to play with.

When Karina was 4 years old, she became a big sister to twin boys. She was no longer the youngest, and now had siblings closer to her own age that she could play and grow up with.

A couple of years before she was old enough to start school, she attended kindergarden a couple of days a week. She loved the opportunity to explore the world on her own, and always looked forward to going there.

In school, she was a good student.She liked school, and because she was so accepting of other peoples differences, she got many friends.

Karina absolutely loved the familys camping trips during holidays.

When she was 11, Karina announced that she wanted to audition for a local amateur theatre group, that every year has thousands of spectators at the citys open air scene. Karina got a part, and after this she was completely bitten by the theatre-bug. She auditioned every year and always got a part, until the year she started boarding school.

Karina dreamt of taking her 9th schoolyear in a boarding school, but since she knew this was expensieve, she started a newspaper route already when she was 12 years old to save up money.

Karinas interests was singing, music, dance and theatre/drama. She played the guitar and piano, sang in a choir and went to hip hop dance. Her sister have described her as a walking musical encyclopedia.
When she got accepted to the boarding school, she chose to major in the "music, dance & drama"-classes. She loved the enviroment at the boarding school, and that she could focus so intently on her interests.
Unfortunately, this was the year she became noticeably ill, and spent half the schoolyear battling infections and fevers.

Karina had decided beforehand that she wanted to complete high school, and during the summer break her health improved so much that she thought she would be able to finish school. She was so determined to make it, she even went back to the theatre group and got a job a couple of hours a week, at a bakery shop.
But the more she pushed herself, the sicker she became. First she had to quit the theatre, then she had to quit the job. She managed to push herself to school, allbeit with many sick days, until february when she was no longer able to push herself to school any more.
Karina refused to give up her dream of an education, and with a great display of willpower, she studied at home and passed her exams.

After this she was too sick to do much of anything.

Here is Karina photographed in 2011 for a campaign by the Danish ME Association.
Disclaimer: This campaign is a private iniative for the release of Karina Hansen. Although all information about Karina is approved by either the Danish ME Associaton or the Hansen Family, we are in no way associated with them.