Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Karina?
Karina is a danish woman who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. She was taken to a hospital against her will to be treated under the supervision of a psychiatrist. This is all mentioned on our front page.
You can read more about Karina herself here.

What is M.E.?
M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and is a neuro-immune condition that have been coded G93.3 in the WHO diagnostic system since 1969. You can read about it at wikisage, and If you wish to know more about the severe end of the spectrum, Stonebird's site has some good information.

Why was Karina taken from her home?

We honestly don't know. Karina's parents have recieved no paperwork.
However, a journalist got someone to admit they had been using the law of nescessity.

Isn't this a good thing? Atleast now she gets proper treatment.
It would have been a good thing if Karina had asked for this treatment. It could have been a good thing if the doctors in question knew what ME is, and could help Karina with the phsyical aspects of this disease. However, they choose to see it as only a psychiatric condition, and ignore all the research done on other patients, claiming Karina only have a psychiatric disorder that isn't even recognised by the WHO.

Is Karina a minor?
No, Karina was born in 1988 and is currently 25 years old.

Was Karina living alone?
No, Karina was too sick to live alone, as she is bedbound. She lived with her parents, and her mother had been hired by the municipality to be Karinas caregiver.

Does the Hansen family have some sort of religious reason that caused the government to interfere?
Not to our knowledge, no.

Why are they holding Karina against her will?
Nils Balle Christensen has deemed her mentally unfit to choose her own treatment..

What does the law say?
By deeming Karina mentally unfit to choose her own treatment, the sectioning and continued forced treatment is within the danish law. However, giving her a legal guardian against her will, is as far as we can see illegal. The law says that there should have been a court hearing about this, something wich Karina has been denied. Not allowing the parents to visit Karina is a breach of human rights.
You can read more here (in danish)
Bekendtgørelse af lov om anvendelse af tvang i psykiatrien
Bekendtgørelse af værgemålsloven
Bekendtgørelse af straffeloven

Why hasn't other/foreign doctors seen Karina?
She has been diagnosed with ME by 4 different doctors in the past, one of them from a country outside Denmark, The staff at Hammel refuses to let other doctors see her.

What can I do to help?
We have listed some options worth trying out at the Help Us-page. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Is Rebecca Hansen Karina's mother?
No, Karina's mother is named Ketty. Rebecca is the chairman of one of the Danish ME Associations. Hansen is a very common last name in Denmark, and there is no known relation between Rebecca and Karina.

Will Karina get the postcards?
We do know that Karina has recieved many of the postcards, and that many have also been sent to her mother, Ketty. However, we do not know if she/the family are recieving all of them. Karina herself is unfortunately too sick to read them, or have them read alout by careres, but keep sending them anyway. One day Karina might be well enough to read them and realise just how many souls she has touched.
Karina's mother says she is certain that Karina knows many people around the world is thinking of her.

If you want, you can see pictures of the cards at our Thank You page.
If you want to keep sending postcards, it's important that you adress them to BOTH Karina and Ketty Hansen. This will ensure that the postcards go to the Hansen family, and not to Karina's  guardian.
Do you have any other questions? Connect with us at facebook, or send it to our email.
Disclaimer: This campaign is a private iniative for the release of Karina Hansen. Although all information about Karina is approved by either the Danish ME Associaton or the Hansen Family, we are in no way associated with them.