Help Us Free Karina

Here have gathered the ways you can help to free Karina Hansen. If enough people protest her treatment, it may help her case.


Donate to Karina's legal fund.
You can find more information about this here (english) or here (danish original).

Nykredit Bank, 5479 
konto nr. 5713983

Foreign donations:
E-BAN No.: DK035479-0005713983

Swift add / BIC: NYK BDKKK.

Write Letters

Please consider writing to danish officials, your embassies, journalists and everyone else you think might be able to get involved and make a difference.

You can find a template letter here, and a list of adresses here.

Please note that all letters must be polite and non-threathening. We all feel very passionately about Karina's situation, but impolite or threathening letters can do irreversible damage to those directly involved in Karina's legal case. .

Sign Petitions

Our Petitions
Petitions Controlled By Others

Send A Postcard

The Danish ME Association has launched a campaign to send Karina a postcard. You can find out how and why here, and sign here when you are done.

Please note that it's very important that you adress the card to both Karina & Ketty Hansen. This will ensure that the family recieves them, and that they will not go to Karina's legal guardian.

Blog About It

This call to action is not just for bloggers! Many of us receive much of our information from ME blogs and websites. If you follow these blogs, please write to them and ask them to share information about Karina Hansen. Let them know this story is important to you. Please consider non ME blogs also. CFS, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome groups are all affected by this new issue of bodily distress syndrome. This is also a human rights issue. There are many reasons for everyone to get involved! Forums and groups are also a great way to spread the word so get typing everyone!

Contact us for a template.

Protest With Art

  • Send us a protest photo
  • Create a poem
  • Create a song
  • Create a piece of artwork

Send your creations to our email.

We prefer that whatever you create is to or about Karina, but we also accept anything that deals with severe ME in general.
You can see examples of others creative work on our facebook page.
By sending it in you are giving us license to use however we see fit, within the campaign (facebook, videos, etc). We will never use your work for anything that is not related to Karina or severe ME:

Change Your Profile Picture

Change your profile display picture on social media sites. See how here.

Spread Videos

Watch and spread our videos about awareness for the cause.

We are most active on facebook, and would be very happy if you could follow our campaign there.

Disclaimer: This campaign is a private iniative for the release of Karina Hansen. Although all information about Karina is approved by either the Danish ME Associaton or the Hansen Family, we are in no way associated with them.