Thank You.

We at Justice for Karina would like to thank each and every one of you that have helped us in our campaign to release Karina. Here are some of the results from our campaigns.

The Postcard Campaign

The postcard capaign have been very sucessful. Both Karina and her mother Ketty have recieved many cards. Here are some pictures.
Theese cards are/were displayed in Karina's hospital room. A nurse took the picture upon request from Rebecca Hansen, chairman of the Danish ME Association, in may 2013.

Theese are the approximately 300 cards that have been given to Karina's mother, Ketty. She has placed them on the walls of Karina's bedroom.

Letter Writing

Here we will add responses people have recieved on their letters.
Disclaimer: This campaign is a private iniative for the release of Karina Hansen. Although all information about Karina is approved by either the Danish ME Associaton or the Hansen Family, we are in no way associated with them.